RGT 86100 PRO

RGT 86100 PRO

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This is the Crawler Pro Kit model from the RGT brand. Based on the Rock Cruiser 1:10 4wd, the brand offers this model with an improved chassis and other parts, but it is not Ready-To-Run, so it requires all the electronics.
Both the chassis rail and the battery holder are made with carbon fibre to increase performance. In addition, to improve performance and increase stiffness, the vehicle features high-strength 6061 T6 aluminium alloy on the chassis and many other parts to increase weight, performance, and durability.



  • Ball bearings

  • Chassis with metal and carbon structure

  • Multi-link suspension for smooth articulation

  • Oil filled shocks

  • Adjustable carbon battery holder

  • Front and rear bumpers with factory mounted LED lights

  • Receiver box

  • High grip off-road tires


  • Length: 510mm

  • Width: 230mm

  • Height: 245mm

  • Weight: 2400g

  • Wheelbase: 313-320mm

  • Gear ratio: 41.14:1

  • Tire diameter: 120 mm

  • Wheel diameter: 54mm

  • Ground clearance: 80mm